Here’s What Hillary Did IMMEDIATELY After The Debate

The first presidential debate took place last night, and since moderator Lester Holt took things sickeningly easy on Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, many are saying the Democratic presidential nominee came through with the win. However, things aren’t looking nearly so good for her today…

According to The Gateway Pundit, Clinton is back on the campaign trail on Tuesday as she travels to Raleigh, North Carolina where she will attend a fundraiser and then hold a rally at a community college gymnasium that seats 1,000.


Meanwhile, Trump is jetting off to Florida today, where he will be holding three events on Tuesday. First will be a fundraiser, then a Hispanic voter town hall–both in Miami–and finally a huge rally in Melbourne at an aircraft hangar that is expected to draw more than 10,000 supporters.

These venues make it clear that support for Trump is much stronger than that for Clinton. Next to Trump’s appearance in front of 10,000 at an aircraft hanger, Clinton’s little appearance at a gymnasium appears totally pathetic.

Many believe that Clinton’s decision to appear before smaller audiences only is an indication that she is indeed very sick. She likely does not have the energy at this point to command the numbers that Trump can. If Clinton isn’t healthy enough to run an effective presidential campaign, she certainly is NOT healthy enough to be president!

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