Hillary called The FBI Liars so They Have Released Something She Never Wanted to Be Seen!

It was last week that the FBI Director James Comey announced that they would be re-opening their investigation into the corruption of Hillary that her campaign and loyal supporters went crazy and claimed that the FBI had no real evidence. Well, they certainly got their answer!

The FBI started to release many documents that show major crimes associated with both Bill and Hillary Clinton. One of the huge bombshells was that Bill Clinton gave a pardon to an international fugitive during his last day in office for a donation to the Senate campaign of Hillary in 2000.

It was Marc Rich, the most wanted criminal by the FBI that got his wife to donate $100,000 to the campaign and “these donations may have been intended to influence the fugitive’s pardon.”


This is criminal bribery at the highest level! It illustrates everything corrupt and disgusting about the Clintons and we need to share it everywhere!

But they didn’t stop there! They also released their files on David Petraeus to prove he was INDICTED for doing less than Hillary Clinton did


And they released the full file on Hillary Clinton which will provide all the evidence to charged her with PERJURY and ARREST her depending on what the new emails show!


What are your thoughts on this?

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