Hillary Caught Trying To RIG First Debate

The first presidential campaign is set to take place on Monday night, and Hillary Clinton is already trying to rig it in her favor.

Clinton is reportedly trying to influence the debate’s moderators to go easier on her than they do on Donald Trump. Given the fact that the mainstream media is firmly on Clinton’s side, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if her efforts end up being successful…

The Hillary Clinton campaign is making a last-minute effort to influence how moderators handle the presidential debates.

The first debate Monday puts NBC News’ Lester Holt front and center as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square off for the first time. Team Clinton wants Holt to intercede in the debate–and often.

“This is the role of the moderator … to call out those lies, and do it in real time,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters on a conference call. “To not do that is to give Donald Trump a very unfair advantage. Any candidate who tells this many lies clearly can’t win the debate on the merits.”

“His level of lying is unprecedented in American politics,” Palmieri said of Trump.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who is moderating the final debate in Las Vegas, already said that his role is not to be a fact-checker.

But Lester Holt could be problematic. Holt is already drawing scrutiny from conservatives fearing a “Candy Crowley” moment that could swing the debate.

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