Hillary Clinton Caught Doing THIS Minutes Before Debate

Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton the shock of her life on Sunday when he showed up to the presidential debate with three women who had accused her husband of sexual assault. Now, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has come forward to reveal the sick thing Clinton did right before the debate when she learned the rape victims were there.

According to Conservative Tribune, Giuliani claimed Clinton tried to have the women removed when she found out they were going to be sitting in the front row for the debate.

“It shook the heck out of her. Why do you think she was rattled at the beginning of the debate? I know it because they called the debate commission and said, ‘Please don’t put them in the first row,’” Giuliani told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto right after the debate ended.

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That certainly doesn’t sound like the way an innocent person would behave…Clearly, Clinton was well aware that her husband had raped those poor women, yet all she cared about was how it would affect her own presidential campaign.

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