Hillary Clinton Just Got Some HUMILIATING News

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The media spent much of 2016 arguing over the security of Hillary Clinton’s private server before the election and whether or not she was a criminal. This week, however, it was revealed that the U.S. Army quickly decided that she was a criminal and they treated her as such.

IJ Review reported that a PowerPoint presentation used by the Department of Defense to train troops in how to stop operational security (OPSEC) threats was leaked this week. You won’t believe who it said our the threats to our government were…


The insider threats included General David Petraeus, who allowed his biographer and lover to see his classified calendar; thieves and spies, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning; and Fort Hood terrorist, Dr. Nidal Hasan. Right alongside them all was Clinton herself, who was also listed as an insider threat to our nation.


Judicial Watch, the watchdog group that obtained the powerpoint, said Clinton got herself placed on it by repeatedly compromising her own security with her unencrypted, private server:

The Clinton Family Just Got Some VERY Bad News

The PowerPoint presentation warns against “Critical Information Compromises” involving material such as the “itineraries of … senior executive service (SES)” and “very important persons (VIPs),” any of which can result in “Attack, Kidnapping, Publicity.” It also cites “unsecure email” as an error that can lead to an enemy being able to “Kill, Counter, Clone.” Judicial Watch’s investigations into Clinton’s email practices while secretary of state repeatedly produced examples of Clinton aide Huma Abedin sharing the schedule and travel plans of Clinton on an unsecure email system.

Judicial Watch was only able to obtain the powering presentation through a Freedom of Information Act request that moved very slowly. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said he now knows why.

“No wonder it took a lawsuit to extract this damning Pentagon analysis which recognizes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ‘Inside Threat’ to national security,” he said.

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