Hillary Gets Some DEVASTATING News HOURS After Losing The Election

Ever since Hillary Clinton entered the election, she has been trying to hide her Goldman Sachs speeches from the public, despite the fact that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump demanded that she release the transcript. That’s why it came as devastating news to her when WikiLeaks announced that they will be releasing a book full of all her Goldman Sachs speeches in January of 2017.

The book is aptly called Hillary Clinton, the Goldman Sachs Speeches, and it is full of all the speeches that she was paid $675,000 for by the Wall Street powerhouse. TheBookSeller.com, a website devoted to newly published books, gives some insight into the book, which was written by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

”Hillary Clinton made significant money from delivering these three speeches to Goldman Sachs immediately after stepping down from her role as Secretary of State,” he wrote. “Now we can all profit from learning what the likely future president says behind closed doors.”

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OR Books, which is publishing the book, has spoken out to say it is their legal right to use her speeches without her permission under the doctrine of “fair use,” a legal loophole that allows the publication of copyrighted material for a limited “transformative” purpose.

Making matters even worse for Clinton is the fact that she won’t make a dime off this book, as OR Books has announced they will not be compensating her for her speeches since she has already been paid for them.

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