Hillary Panicking As New Evidence Suggests She HAS Dementia

Hillary Clinton was hoping she could finally put questions about her health to rest during the first presidential debate last night. Unfortunately for her, however, people now think her health is in an even worse state than they did before.

A clip is going viral today of former liberal MP Ross Cameron, a political commentator for Sky News in Australia, explaining that he believes Clinton has dementia. Daily Mail reported that Cameron laid out numerous pieces of evidence for this diagnosis, including her collapse during the 9/11 memorial service.

“Her inability to have her two eyes moving in the same direction. All of these individual bits of data you have to treat them as either coincidental… or else as part of a pattern,” Cameron said. “I believe Hillary Clinton is suffering dementia. I believe it is deteriorating fairly rapidly before our eyes.”

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This is not the first time Cameron has made claims about Clinton’s health.



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