Hillary’s Disease Exposed By Pharma Exec Who Invented the Treatment Drug

Martin Shkreli is a pharmaceutical executive who was once the most hated man in the country for raising the price of a HIV drug by more than 5000%. Now Hillary is on the list of those who hate him after he recently gave his thoughts on her current health issues.

It was during an interview that he believes that she is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Shkreli noted in the interview that he had donated more to Democrat candidates than Republican ones, but said that he felt the need to speak out about Clinton’s declining health since he thought that the symptoms were obvious.

Citing his “15 year background in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals,” Shkreli said that her problems walking and talking are “pretty unmistakable signs of Parkinson’s disease.”

While many have tried to explain Hillary’s symptoms as the result of a stroke or concussion, Shkreli said that her troubles walking, in particular her “freezing gait,” is a “cardinal symptom of Parkinson’s disease.”

And that’s not all. Shkreli also provided an explanation for Clinton’s “short-circuit” moments.

“We’ve all seen the videos of her kind of making these perplexed facial movements,” Shkreli said. He pointed to her odd reaction to balloons during theDemocrat National Convention as an “inability to control her facial movements.”

“This is a classic symptom … if you showed someone that symptom and said ‘name the disorder’ it’s not a seizure … that is simply involuntary movement, it’s PD-LID, no doubt about it in my mind,” Shkreli said.

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