Hillary’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her Immediately After Debate – She’s DONE

The liberal media was horrified during the debate last night when Donald Trump refused to say whether or not he will “accept the results” of the election regardless of who wins. Hillary Clinton was quick to slam Trump for this, calling his statement “horrifying.”

However, a statement Clinton herself made during the 2000 election has just come back to haunt her and exposed her as a hypocrite once again. It turns out, Clinton is only willing to accept election results when a DEMOCRAT wins!

The media has been freaking out this morning like they always do about something completely insignificant that Trump said in the debate last night.

Voter fraud is a real problem.  A simple google search will tell you that.

It has led Donald Trump to speak out about shady election day practices.

He has also said that he wants to wait and see how the election goes before he answers the media’s dumb question about “accepting the results”.

Well, the media has ignored one huge problem during their little tantrum.

Democrats complain about election results.  All. The. Time.

Including the delightful Hillary Clinton!

That’s weird!

Doesn’t sound like someone who is “accepting the results”.

It gets a lot worse for the liberals.

From The Daily Caller:

Gallup polls conducted after the 2000 election show almost a third of Al Gore voters refused to accept Bush as the legitimate president just one month before his inauguration, and an overwhelming majority of Democrats refused to say Bush had won fairly.

John Kerry also accused George W. Bush of rigging the 2004 election.

This proves once again that liberals like Clinton are hypocrites who will use anything they can to vilify Republicans. SHARE this story if you are voting for DONALD TRUMP!