Horrible News For Kaine After He Was Fact Checked By ABC News

From the very beginning of the debate, Tim Kaine attacked Trump with many lies and also attacked his running mate Mike Pence. He was so blatant in his approach that even the liberal mainstream media called him out on his behaviour.

At one stage he was asked a question about the Iranian nuclear deal. He made the claim that Hillary helped to get rid of Iran’s nuclear program.

ABC News showed how this was a completely false statement

VP debate fact-check: Kaine says Clinton helped eliminate the Iranian nuclear program. Grade: False. https://t.co/JeeltoOxRW#Debatespic.twitter.com/UYLWLE0qG9

— ABC News (@ABC) October 5, 2016

This program is still going strong thanks to the billions of dollars they received from our own Barack Obama.

While Kaine tried to attack Trump and Pence over this, it is actually his Democrat colleagues who have allowed Iran to acquire these weapons.

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