Huge Confession Made By Huma!!

If you weren’t watching, the train wreck that is Hillary Clinton’s campaign for presidency has accelerated.

It was last Friday that James Comey, the FBI Director announced that the FBI would be reopening their investigation into the corruption of Hillary.

Comey said emails from an unrelated investigation were found that could be pertinent to the Clinton case. That “unrelated investigation” turned out to be one pertaining to Anthony Weiner’s alleged “sexts” to a 15-year-old girl. He used his laptop (eeuw, I hope they literally DID wipe that with a cloth), which contained emails sent and received by his wife, Huma Abedin.

There were 650,000 emails in question, but initially the FBI couldn’t look at any of them because they had not obtained a search warrant.Over the weekend, they did. And Abedin agreed to cooperate with the FBI.

Democrats are clamoring to say there’s nothing to see. The emails will turn out to be innocuous or duplicates of emails the FBI has already seen.

Zero Hedge reports, According to Politico, the FBI engaged in a back and forth over the weekend with Abedin or her attorney, when Abedin explained the situation.

“She says she didn’t know they were there,” a source familiar with the investigation said. This is a sensitive topic for Abedin and the Clinton campaign, because on previous occasions, Huma – under oath – disclosed that all the emails in her possession had been accounted for and handed over to the FBI.


As CNBC adds,”there are a number of scenarios that would explain how the emails got onto the laptop without Abedin’s knowledge, including that they were somehow automatically backed up from the cloud. But investigators will want to know how this happened and if there is any indication that Abedin misled them about the existence of emails.

It is a large project. Agents determined there were as many as 650,000 emails on the laptop, dating back years. The number of emails related to the Clinton investigation is likely to be much smaller.

On Saturday, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said Abedin had been fully cooperative with the FBI investigation. “I don’t think she knows anything more than what we’ve seen in the press to date,” Podesta said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

What are your thoughts on this disaster?