Huge Update Released By Ecuador On Julien Assange’s Situation!

It was reported yesterday that Julien Assange had gone missing without a trace. The Ecuadorian Embassy, which has been his home in London since 2012 lost all internet connectivity.

WikiLeaks looked to be adding to this speculation when they released a number of insurance files which had attached Dead Man’s Switches that meant they would release when they hadn’t been turned off daily by Assange.

There was no comment from police and the embassy made no public comment. An inside source claimed that Assange is alive and well in the embassy.

This has reassured the millions who were worried for his safety. The internet has said to have been cut after he released thousands of emails from Hillary’s chief aide John Podesta.

There had been worrying reports of an assassination attempt being made on Assange’s life in the near future.

What are your thoughts on this?

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