Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned gangs and illegal aliens that he was coming for them, a threat that former AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch of the Obama Justice would never have uttered as it would have been too tough on crime.

On May 11, reports Fox Business, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency announced that a six week anti-gang operation had netted over 1,300 bad guys.

Fox Business states that of “the 1,378 people arrested, 1,095 belonged to, or were affiliated with, gangs, including the Bloods, the Sureños, the Crips and MS-13. The surge resulted in the seizure of more than 230 firearms, nearly 800 ounces of cocaine, more than 8,000 ounces of marijuana and about $490,000.”

10 of those arrested had crossed the border as an unaccompanied minor, a favorite pool of recruits for the notorious and barbaric Mexican gang called MS-13.


Obama, ever the criminal enabler, created the Unaccompanied Minors Program purportedly to assist in the care of children crossing illegally into the United States, but the program has a loophole that has been exploited by MS-13.

When an unaccompanied minor is caught in the United States, he is settled in the house of a sponsor in a community of the child’s ethnicity. MS-13 has infiltrated many of these sponsors and the children are often children trekking north to join a gang.

Obama’s program did not allow for a vetting of the children, thus their motives for crossing are never tracked and investigations never started.

Attorney General Sessions has vowed to combat the gangs, especially the 10,000 member strong MS-13. President Trump even mentioned the gang by name when speaking to the NRA on May 12.