It’s Over?! Huge Announcement Made By Chelsea Clinton and her Husband

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The Clinton family are self-destructing already.


Following Hillary’s election loss to Trump, her daughter Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky shut down his hedge fund, which had been founded in 2011 with a lot of help from Goldman Sachs.

This comes less than a month after the Washington Times reported that, “The Clinton Global Initiative has terminated 22 employees and will soon become another casualty of the 2016 election season.

“CGI, which opened in 2005, will officially close April 15, 2017. Paperwork filed with the New York Department of Labor Jan. 12 confirmed the “discontinuation,” along with the termination of 22 employees.”

The Clinton Global Initiative served as Bill and Hillary’s personal piggybank for laundering monetary payments from foreign governments and corrupted businesspersons seeking influence from the former Secretary of State.

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Trump didn’t have to do anything, the swamp is draining itself!