Ivanka Trump FIRES BACK At Liberals Protesting Her Brand

Ivanka Trump got some bad news this week when thousands of “feminists” launched a boycott of her Ivanka Trump Collection due the the fact that they claim she supports the derogatory way her father treats women. Now, Ivanka has fired back at these protesters in a big way.

Conservative 101 reported that the protesters are boycotting both the collection and the stores that sell it. Instead of going down to their level, however, Ivanka is taking the high road.

“The beauty of America is people can do what they like, but I’d prefer to talk to the millions–the tens of millions–of American women who are inspired by the brand and the message that I’ve created,” Ivanka responded, showing just how classy she really is.

We applaud Ivanka for keeping her goal and remaining the elegant lady that she always is. SHARE this story if you stand with Ivanka!

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