Jihad Comes to South Dakota — Officials Do NOTHING!


American law enforcement officials have apparently copied the playbook on how to deal with Muslim jihadists and jihadist threats from that of England, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France before 130 people were killed at the Bataclan nightclub in 2015.

Understanding The Threat (UTT)reports that on April 9 “500 people gathered for the Worldview Weekend Rally in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.” The event upset the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, whom have ties to the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Islamic Center filed for a permit to protest and their request was granted. UTT continues the report, writing,

“At the event on April 9th, a Muslim man entered the event while filming on Facebook Live.  He filmed a Koran he was holding in his hand, scanned/filmed the audience with his phone, and was then stopped by security/police because filming was not permitted.  He told them he was leaving, and then lied to them and said his name is ‘John Smith.’ In fact, the man’s name is Ehab Jaber.”

“On Jaber’s facebook page it is clear he is anti-police and pro-sharia (Islamic Law).  During his video of the event in question, he made very derogatory remarks about those in attending.”

“On video, Jaber proceeded to his car where he filmed several weapons including  3 pistols and two rifles.  While brandishing the weapons Jaber commented, ‘be terrified.’”

Local law enforcement, like their European counterparts, did nothing. It was only when Jaber’s video was seen on line by the FBI that he was detained for a short period. As is standard operating procedure, he was released because he was not deemed a threat.

President Trump’s moves to bomb the hell out of ISIS and to restrict Muslim migration needs to be supported by all concerned citizens.