John Kerry Brings Through UN GUN Ban While Americans Looking The Other Way…

John Kerry is the Secretary of State and had plans for the UN to step in and take away our second amendment rights. He recently signed an anti-gun treaty with them, which the US Senate is opposing.

He didn’t get any authorization to do this and it would lead to the creation of an unconstitutional registry of all US gun buyers, which means the UN would control our gun rights.

As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a “significant step” in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights.

“This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong,” he said. “This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.”

The National Rifle Association went crazy about this plan, claiming it would impose an “invasive registration scheme” by requiring importing countries to give exporting countries information on “end users.”

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“The Obama administration is once again demonstrating its contempt for our fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement. “These are blatant attacks on the constitutional rights and liberties of every law-abiding American. The NRA will continue to fight this assault on our fundamental freedom.”

What are your thoughts on this?