Joy Behar loves nothing more than attacking President Donald Trump on her liberal talk show The View. However, she took things way too far on Thursday when she claimed that Trump is “unAmerican.”

Twitter users immediately let Behar know that they are sick of seeing her ridiculous attacks on our president.

Gossip Cop reported that the women were talking about the firing of FBI Director James Comey when Behar expressed outrage over Trump’s meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and ambassador on Wednesday, with only Russian state media present.

“Guess who’s missing from that room? The American press,” Behar said. “This is treason to me. This is un-American, unpatriotic. Americans should be furious.”

For Behar to say that Trump is unAmerican is completely insane, since arguably nobody loves this country more than him. She immediately faced tons of backlash on Twitter:

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