Judge Jeanine Calls The Election A Revolution!

It was on Saturday during the “Opening Statement” show that the host Judge Jeanine Pirro did her best to hold back the tears when she was discussing the election of Donald Trump as our next president.

She noted that his supporter shad bene shamed for supporting him, but that his victory was a revolution during a period in time where “truth and honesty had no place” in this politically correct society.

“As for the campaign itself, they told you you didn’t matter, that if you supported him you were probably uneducated, small-minded and irrelevant,” Pirro said. “You were beneath them. That if you wanted closed boarders, a nation state you weren’t Christian enough, not American enough, not big-hearted enough, That if you didn’t see racism in every cop who walked the beat, you probably were a racist yourself. That if you used the term ‘Muslim Jihadist’ instead of terrorist you were an anti-religious bigot. Truth and honesty had no place in their politically correct society. If you opposed sanctuary cities where the protection of illegal criminal immigrants was the law, you were a hateful bigoted xenophobe. They knew better than you.”

She added, “In spite of it all, even though we felt forgotten, alone and beaten down, we all came home because this wasn’t an election — it was a revolution.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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