Judge Napolitano Shines Light on Obama’s Corrupt Lawlessness


Yes! Judge Napolitano nails it about Obama and his lawless immigration “enforcement.”


I’m so glad to have the Judge back on Fox and THANK GOD that he’s stepping up to state the obvious! Namely, that it shouldn’t be breaking news that the United States is actually enforcing its immigration policy!

We are a country of laws, yet for the last 8 years we had a supposed Constitutional scholar and law professor in the White House who couldn’t seem to figure out what that meant!

From the DailyCaller.com:

“The previous government took every opportunity it could, whether out of a sense of compassion or a belief that immigrants help the economy or whatever was motivating President Obama, to look the other way in the face of illegals.”

Napolitano pointed to comments from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly who designated two types of illegal immigrants: “either they committed a crime here and went to jail or committed a crime and didn’t yet go to jail.”

“Both of which can trigger automatic deportations,” the judge explained. “So it is newsworthy when the government enforces the law, and that is what is happening.”

Watch his whole interview with Martha MacCallum here: