Key Democrat Embroiled in Scandal — She She’s Going Down


Whenever California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters appears on TV bellyaching about how she has no respect for President Trump and how he and his staff are a bunch of scumbags, keep the following in mind: Waters is a notorious fraud and greedy thief who operates on favoritism.

The Independent Sentinel reports that she has been listed “as the most corrupt member of Congress in 2005, 2006, and 2009.” Considering the platform of viable candidates, that is saying something.

From the Washington Free Beacon we learn that Waters has now been involved in yet another scandal. It was only seven years ago that Waters used her Congressional sway to bailout OneUnited Bank, an institution that her husband had a lot of stock in. So, while Americans were losing their homes and being hit with more debt, Waters used her time and effort to save her own behind.

The Beacon reports that this new scandal also involves nepotism, but this time it includes her daughter, Karen Waters.

Since 2006, Karen Waters pocketed $600,000 dollars in payments for her role in heading up Waters re-election campaigns. The young Waters sucked in donations through endorsement mailers, also known as slate mailers.

Maxine Waters could have used the free national campaign committee to advertise, but instead has paid her daughter to basically bribe other politicians.

Here is how it works.

“In order to appear on a Waters’ slate mailer, candidates for political office must pay Citizens for Waters from their own political committees. If a candidate does not directly pay Waters’ campaign committee, they must credit their own campaigns with in-kind contributions from Waters,” the Beacon reports.

That’s right, folks! Instead of saving tax payers and abiding by Congressional protocol, Waters has flouted the rules and in return, profited her daughter and herself.

This needs Trump and AG Jeff Sessions’ attention soon!