Kim Jong un Has Lost His Mind—You Won’t Believe What He Did Now


The world is awash in fake news, so why not fake missiles?

On April 16, the cherub faced despot presided over a parade of military wares in celebration of the ‘Day of the Sun’, which marks the birth of Communist North Korea.

The boy named Kim invited the media to witness the raw power of his military force. Sure a few of his rockets and missiles have blown up disasterously just after a test launch, but look at those paraded projectiles of death! Menacing huh?

North KOrea

A few observers of the parade DID take a look at the large weapons and noted something odd.

According to the UK’s Express, one trucked missile appeared to be a “flimsy looking rocket…pointing skyward and its nose cone looked slightly bent.”

nork missile

Unfortuantely for Kim, the Twitter Trolls quickly pounced.

One person tweeted, “I can’t speak 2 the skills of #NorthKorea weapon engineers, but looking at these fake missiles their papier-mache experts are off the chain.”

His analysis was also echoed by others who said that at least one missile appeared to be a massive art project “bodied over wooden frames.”

Much like the North Korean state in general, the veneer of the missiles hide a lack of depth and substance and is nothing more than a paper tiger.