Last month, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham made the stunning claim that Republican Congressional leaders were openly mocking the agenda of the President and assuring each other that things like “the wall” would never happen. It was typical Establishment ruminations meant to assuage their bruised egos following President Trump’s election victory.

World News Politics (WNP) has run a story in which Ingraham is now stating that there is at least one person in the intelligence community (IC) who is actively trying to bring Trump down. The allegations do explain about what has happened lately and why.

“There is someone burrowed into the intelligence community, at least one person, who wants to hurt Trump,” Ingraham said on May 16.

“They want to hurt Trump before he goes overseas for this historic series of meetings that no president has ever tried to undertake. That’s what’s really happening here.”

Laura Ingraham

WNP notes that “President Trump is leaving on this historic trip to the Middle East, to Rome, the Vatican. This is a big deal and anything the media can do to knock him up and wound him before he goes over there, they’re going to do.”

Trump is a premiere negotiator and when people sit and talk with him one-on-one, they always come away impressed.

The Deep State knows this and is trying to sabotage and malign Trump before he can undo the globalist New World Order agenda during his overseas trip.

Patriotic Americans need to pray for our President when he heads across the ocean. He is entering the Lion’s Den of the Global Elite and his security may be at risk.