Lewd Hillary Tape Released!!!

It is said that liberals are hypocrites and inconsistent most of the time. Well this couldn’t be more accurate. They have constantly attacked Trump over various issues, but inevitably they are exposed for having done and said the same things.

Hillary Clinton is someone who has seemingly committed more crimes than anyone can probably fathom. She has defended her own husband over various allegations of sexual assault.

Hillary has taken time to shame these victims and even laughed when she got a child rapist off the hook.

Here is another great example of the hypocrisy of the left.

According to Project Veritas:

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe exposes the “misogynistic” nature of the Hillary Clinton campaign and its organizers, who joke about sexually harassing women and committing voter fraud on the campaign.

In the video, Wylie Mao, a field organizer for the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party of Florida in West Palm Beach is caught on camera saying that the Hillary Clinton campaign would excuse his sexual assault of a fellow female campaign worker.

“I think the bar of acceptable conduct in this campaign is pretty low. To be fired I would have to grab Emma’s ass twice and she would have to complain about it, I would have to sexually harass someone,” said Mao.

After saying that he could get away with sexually harassing fellow female Hillary Clinton organizers, several female campaign organizers are seen laughing at his comments.

James O’Keefe makes a cameo in the video where he makes a comparison between Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding grabbing women by the p***y and Mao’s comments about grabbing a Hillary Clinton director’s ass, twice. O’Keefe insists that the comments are similar in nature, which is why the mainstream media must treat both fairly.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the suggestion that within Hillary Clinton’s team, election fraud is not a fireable offense.

Mao also suggested that he could rip up voter registration forms and get away with it too, saying, “If I rip up completed VR forms, like 20 of them, I think I’ll just get reprimanded. I don’t think I would get fired.

Project Veritas wanted to see how the Hillary Clinton staffers would react to ripped up VR forms, so a PV journalist said he ripped up three Republican registration forms.

Upon hearing this, Trevor Lafauci a Clinton campaign staffer said, “Yeah that should be fine,” and he said he would not report it.

One has to imagine, knowing what we know about Hillary and her cronies like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, election fraud might actually be encouraged.

What a group of classy folks Hillary has working for her! Not only supporting sexual assault but election fraud.

Why is the media not hounding Clinton over this, demanding she fire this staffer and release an apology for how he’s supporting sexual assault?

Double standard much?

What are your thoughts on thi

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