Liberal Lawyer Goes On TV to Trash Trump… Then Tucker Carlson Does THIS!


Liberal Immigration lawyer, David Leopold, went on Tucker Carlson’s TV Show Monday night to discuss “Trump’s Deportation Raids,” needless to say… he didn’t fare well.

Here’s a video of the debate, but for the fun stuff, fast forward to the 7:00 mark:

Naturally, Twitter lit up after Carlson sent his guest packing. One Twitter user said,

“Call the Coroner to @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson has slain another #Prog It was so brutal that I changed the channel”

And another Tweeted:

You Won’t Believe What Planned Parenthood Employees Did to Earn a Pizza Party!

@TuckerCarlson Shooting down Liberal hair brains one at a time. Love it! You say what I wish I could.