Malia Obama SPOTTED Ditching Work Early To Do THIS

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During his sham of a presidency, Barack Hussein Obama tried to do as little work as possible, regularly ditching his official duties to do things like play golf and party with his friends. This week, his daughter Malia showed that she takes after her father when she was spotted leaving work early herself…

Daily Mail reported that 18 year-old Malia spent just two and a half hours at her internship at the offices of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on Wednesday. She was spotted entering the office at 3:40pm and leaving again just before 6:10pm.

Rough life, isn’t it, Malia?

Malia has been working at her internship, which involves reading scripts and pitching them to producers, for only two weeks. However, Weinstein is already trying to use her as a marketing tool for himself and his business.

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A few days ago, hosted an auction for a three-month internship at Weinstein’s film company. The description for this auction item described the internship as “a special chance to learn all in the ins and outs of the movie biz and maybe even run into Malia Obama while you’re at it.”

Somehow, we doubt that Tiffany Trump would be given an internship by a Hollywood A-lister like Weinstein. However, since Hollywood is still obsessed with the Obamas, Malia is allowed to hang around with the rich and famous.

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