Media Covered Up Real Reason General Flynn Forced To Resign?


Liberals were constantly shouting from the rooftops and trying to get an investigation into alleged Russian hacking of our election.

There is a long overdue review or our government as a whole needed, as many people are in positions where they abuse power and they do not deal fairly.

Our voting system and machines also needs to be looked at to ensure that there is no more voter fraud.

The Russian case was blown out of proportion. Why hasn’t the Saudis involvement in 9/11 ever been adequately explained for example? A much bigger deal.

The Democrats opened the door into investigating the extent of foreign influence in and on our government.

Wow! State Whistle-blower Reveals What Hillary and Obama Actually Did with Refugees!

The call for an investigation into General Flynn opens the door for President Trump to drain the swamp.

They’re not laughing now!