Megyn Kelly DEFENDS Hillary From Trump Attacks – Boycott Her NOW

Megyn Kelly has been alienating Fox News fans for over a year now with her constant attacks on Donald Trump as she desperately tries to appeal to mainstream audiences. This week, she took things a step further in her attacks on Trump by calling Bill Clinton’s rape victims liars.

During an interview on Tuesday night, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway suggested that Clinton’s $850,000 settlement with accuser Paula Jones proved he was guilty. Kelly, however, disagree with this statement.

“The Paula Jones settlement sounds to me like a nuisance value settlement,” Kelly said, adding that most of the settlement was legal fees and Clinton did not pay any of it himself.

“That’s what you do to get rid of these matters when you’re somebody like the president of the United States,” Kelly continued, according to The Week.

“Where I get held up as a lawyer — you tell me — is that people want to condemn Hillary with not believing them and with, you know, trying to silence them and get rid of them, get them out of the public picture,” Kelly said, referring to Clinton’s accusers, “but there was no proof when she was going after them.”

The Trumps will be an incredible first family. Do you agree?

Shockingly, Judge Andrew Napolitano agreed with Kelly.

“I gotta tell you, I don’t think Hillary is at fault in this case, in any of these cases,” Napolitano said.

“I’m gonna fall out of my chair, because the judge is defending Hillary Clinton,” Kelly interrupted, laughing.

“Listen, we’re not talking about emails here,” the judge said quickly. “We’re talking about a wife standing by her husband when claims are made against the husband as to which the proof is, as you say, lacking: claims that were late, claims that lacked credibility, claims that were partially true, claims that were eventually retracted and then reinstated. What woman wouldn’t stand by her husband in that circumstance?”

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