Megyn Kelly Mouths Off To Eric Bolling – Gets Shut Down HARD

Megyn Kelly has spent the past year relentlessly attacking Donald Trump, so it’s safe to say that she didn’t have a very good time on Election night. Kelly’s panic and dismay was very obvious to viewers watching her election coverage, as it was apparent that she was very much on edge.

Conservative 101 reported that Kelly shocked everyone when she snapped at her colleague Eric Bolling after he boasted about predicting that Trump would win. Bolling, however, wasn’t about to let Kelly get the best of him.

“Brexit, the Cubs, Donald Trump, all underdogs. No one saw it coming. I called all three of those,” Bolling said, adding to his cohost Greg Gutfeld, “Greg, I’ve been here since day one, my friend. I’ve called every single one of these through the primaries.”

That’s when Kelly snapped, blurting out to Bolling, “It’s not about you!”

Unfazed, Bolling fired back, “He’s the outsider and that’s what they are ready for.”

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