Michelle Caught Doing Something SICK On Camera – THIS Is Why We HATE Her

Michelle Obama has become one of the most hated first ladies of all time thanks to the fact that she loves spending millions of our tax dollars to fund her own lavish lifestyle. Last week, she did this once again when she showed up to her husband’s final state dinner wearing an expensive gown designed by Versace.

According to American News, the dress cost a whopping $12,000, and it was completely paid for with our hard-earned tax dollars. Millions of Americans are struggling just to put food on the table right now, yet the Obamas have no shame about spending our money on themselves.

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“We saved the best for last,” Barack Obama joked at the dinner.

Michelle spent most of the night socializing with A-list celebrities, and she was overheard thanking them for “eight magnificent years.”

“This has truly been a successful final state dinner,” she said, tooting her own horn.

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