Michelle Obama Challenges Melania Trump – Gets Hit Back With THIS

Michelle Obama has been shamelessly mocking Melania Trump ever since her husband entered this presidential race. That’s why it looked incredibly hypocritical when the first lady tried to “play nice” with Melania this week by offering her some advice if Donald Trump makes it to the White House.

“Do you,” Michelle said, according to Western Journalism. “You know, I would just urge the next person coming into this world to make it your own, because it’s believable when it comes from the deepest part of who you are, because this is a powerful platform to make a lot of change.”

This came a month after Michelle said she has absolutely no sympathy for Melania after some said she might not want to be in the public eye.

“If you’re in it, and if you don’t agree, you should have agreed before they ran,” Michelle said. “Bottom line is, if you didn’t agree with what Barack was saying, I would not support his run. So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are, too, standing with their spouses proudly. So no, no sympathy.”

Michelle also said she had no sympathy for Melania after she unintentionally plagiarized one of the current first lady’s speeches while speaking at the Republican National Convention.

It’s obvious that Michelle is only trying to play nice with Melania now because she’s realized Trump might actually win this election. Nice try, Moochelle, but we see right through you!

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