Muslim Migrant Sexually Assaults 18 Women During 2 Hour Train Ride – What Happens Next Is Even Worse…


The mainstream media is on a mission to make Muslim refugees look like saints in order to fight back against Donald Trump’s travel ban. Stories like this, however, remind us why Trump’s immigration ban is so important.

Daily Mail reported that a Muslim asylum-seeker has been arrested in Germany after he sexually assaulted 18 women during a single two hour train ride. The 23 year-old refugee has been accused of groping his fellow passengers during a January 29th train ride on a suburban S-Bahn German line between Munich and Herrsching.

The Eritrean migrant reportedly went from car to car touching the female passengers in each one. He was caught by police after two of his victims reported him.

One 18 year-old girl said the refugee stroked her face and tried to force his hand between her thighs before she was able to get away from him. Another 20 year-old victim said he touched her legs until she escaped to another train car.

Nearly 40,000 Muslims Rounded Up And DEPORTED

When police looked at CCTV footage from the train to corroborate the girls’ stories, they were horrified to find that the Muslim had molested 16 other women as well. Officers were able to trace the refugee to a migrant camp in Starnberg, near Munich, and they arrested him immediately. He remains in custody at this time.

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