Muslims Demand Free Stuff From welfare Office – Brutal Wake Up Call

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If people come here to work fairly and make an honest living then good for them, but those who expect everything to be handed to them need to take a hike.

It was at the University of Michigan where a number of Muslim student activists demanded they be given a prayer room. While the school complied, they also did this…

Mad World News reported that Genan Harissa said she was studying with a friend near the prayer room in the library on Sunday when they saw something inside that left them stunned.

“He saw somebody urinating on one of the prayer rugs that we pray on everyday,” Harissa said. “They kind of got flustered cause they saw someone approach the prayer room and they kind of ran off and he didn’t want to go inside because he was kind of shocked at what just happened. He didn’t even want to go in there.”

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