NRA Issues MASSIVE Warning About Second Amendment – Every Gun-Owner Needs To See This…

Gun-owners everywhere have spent the last week celebrating, as they thought the Second Amendment would finally be safe with Donald Trump in office. That’s why it came as a shock to many when the National Rifle Association just issued a warning indicating it might not actually be safe after all…

Breitbart reported that NRA head Wayne LaPierre told NRA members and gun owners that while the election results are worth celebrating, we must also remember those who are pouring millions of dollars to eradicate Second Amendment rights. He began by telling gun-owners that they played a crucial role in winning this election for Trump.

“The disgraceful media attempted to manipulate your emotions,” he said. “They tried to suppress your enthusiasm, your speech, your vote. But you would not be distracted from the core freedom that was truly at stake-and for that, you deserve the gratitude of the entire nation. You proved the founders right: that the ultimate check and balance in this country is the American people.”

You did this. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise,” LaPierre added. “Let me remove all doubt: gun owners made this election happen. Hillary Clinton, made her hatred for the Second Amendment a central issue of this campaign and as a result of that fatal mistake, she is on permanent political vacation.”

LaPierre then issued his warning.

“We also face a growing group of anti-Second Amendment elitist billionaires, led by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg,” the NRA leader said. “By pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into state and local elections, they have succeeded in confusing many voters into believing clever labeling like ‘universal background checks’ and so-called ‘common sense’ schemes will make a difference in the safety and security of our communities.”

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“The truth is, the anti-gun billionaires have only one goal: the absolute eradication of the Second Amendment freedom for the average American citizen,” LaPierre continued. “Not for their security forces, their families and themselves. But for you: the everyday American who stormed the polls in an act of ultimate defiance of the elites. They will continue to enjoy the support of an openly dishonest media that truly hates your right to speak, your right to worship and your right to vote. And most of all, your right to keep and bear arms.”

LaPierre reminded gun owners that over the last eight years, Barack Obama flooded the judiciary with 300 anti-gun members of the judiciary. He then called “for protections that stop the tyrannical erosion of gun rights in states and cities where corrupt leaders use their political power to abuse the rights of American citizens. I’m talking about a deceitful web of gun bans, ammo bans, magazine bans, exorbitant fees and taxes, and registration schemes-all designed to undermine the meaning of the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court decisions that uphold it.”

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