Obama LOSES IT When Confronted By ‘Bill Clinton Is A Rapist’ Protesters

Donald Trump exposed Bill Clinton as the rapist that he is on Sunday when he brought three of his victims to the second presidential debate. Since then “Bill Clinton is Rapist” protests have spread through the country like wildfire.

Conservative Tribune reported that Barack Obama was campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina on Tuesday when he was confronted by some of these Bill Clinton protesters, and he didn’t take it well. Obama was interrupted multiple times by a man and a woman wearing “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” T-shirts while screaming the accusation out loud.

According to Breitbart, Obama was thrown off his game by the protesters, and he tried to cover this up by cracking jokes at their expense and taking a shot at Trump himself.

“Oh no!” Obama exclaimed mockingly when he was first interrupted as the liberal crowd booed the protesters.

“You know, this is the great thing about politics in America,” Obama stated with a grin. “It takes all kinds. Folks will just do all kinds of stuff.”

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“Ya know, those folks there were auditioning for a reality show,” he continued, undoubtedly referring to Trump, who he frequently calls a reality star.

When he was later interrupted again, Obama lost it and asked, “Is somebody hollering again?”

“You know what, here’s the deal, try to get your own rally,” he said. “You gotta get your own rally. If you can’t get your own rally, don’t come mess up somebody else’s rally. We’ve got work to do here.”

Clearly, Obama didn’t see these protesters coming and was furious that they interrupted his speech and made him look stupid. SHARE this story if you think BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST!