Paul Ryan Gets Some DEVASTATING News After Turning On Trump

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stabbed Donald Trump in the back earlier this month when he disinvited him from a campaign rally and told the liberal media that he will no longer be saying anything in support of him. Unfortunately for Ryan, however, this move has just come back to bite him in a big way.

The Political Insider reported that thousands of outraged conservatives showed up at Trump’s latest rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state, to show the speaker EXACTLY what they think of what he did. The thousands of patriots greeted Trump by chanting “Paul Ryan sucks!” making it clear they no longer have any love for the man who once commanded the respect of Wisconsin Republicans.

Trump also took to Twitter to slam Ryan himself.

With Wisconsin Republicans now firmly against him, it looks like Ryan’s days in politics are numbered. SHARE this story if you think Paul Ryan NEVER should have turned on Trump!

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