Pence DROPS THE HAMMER on N. Korea at DMZ


The Trump administration is making it known in words and deeds that the past coddling of North Korea and its tyrant Kim Jong un will not be tolerated much longer,

Hot Air reports that Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the border town of Panmunjon, warned that the decades long appeasement of the Norks pursuit of nuclear weapons, especially ICBMs, has come to an end. In dealing with Kim, Pence said “all options are on the table.”

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That includes a larger replay of what Trump just did in Syria and Afghanistan, which were clear shots across the bow to Kim.

“Just in the past two weeks,” Pence is quoted as saying, “the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region,”

The act of a Vice President standing along the 38th Parallel’s Demilitarized Zone and issuing such a bold warning is a clear geo-political emasculation of Kim, rendering the Korean Cabbage Patch Dictator a diplomatic pariah among nations.

These days, Kim is probably pining for his BFF Obama big time.