Republican Lawmakers are Now Adding Their Voices to the Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

If Trump only had to deal with the Democrats and lying media, he’d be fine, but the sad truth is that it’s the members of his own party — acting as his friends — who are poised to do the President the most harm.

The New York Post ran an article on May 17 entitled ‘GOP lawmakers may be turning on Trump’ but what it really should have read was ‘GOP Revert to True Selves and Sharpen Their Knives to Betray America’.

The Post reports yellow-bellied or duplicitous Republicans are fretting that the daily barrage of (fake) scandals is distracting from important issues like healthcare and tax reform…you know, those issues that Congress found so important that it put it off until next year while questioning whether it will ever get done?

What we are witnessing is the old Capitol Hill twostep. The President, appearing wounded and vulnerable to impeachment, is now being burdened with the zero progress Congress has made on Trump’s agenda because of his penchant for wrongdoing, claims that have gone unsubstantiated.

The Post quotes Congressmen like Carlos Curbelo, Lindsey Graham, Leonard Lance, Susan Collins, Paul Ryan and Justin Amash as saying the latest intelligence leak fake news story needs to be looked into before Congress can try to reschedule its work schedule around their lengthy holidays.

Amash in particular summed up the treasonous intentions of the GOP.

Asked by the Post if he thought the allegations of improperly leaking intelligence, if true, were grounds for impeachment, Amash said ‘absolutely’.

And if the charges could not be proven definitively, who would Amash side with?

“I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey,” eeked Amash.

There you have it folks: Deep State, Deep State uber alles!

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