Cold War relic and fossilized fool Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has had a busy month participating in his favorite elitist sport—denigrating the President and the Will of the American people.

McCain first appeared at an International Republican Institute conference where he portrayed the fake news story about the President dispensing classified information to Russian officials as a crime on the order of Watergate.

On May 5, McCain penned an op-ed piece for his favorite propagandist piece, the New York Times. In it he decried an inchoate foreign policy based not on politically malleable (and globalist) “values”, but the restrictive demands of a society’s “interests”.

McCain’s piece is an intellectually vacuous but emotionally effusive composition meant to laud the Deep State penchant for foreign meddling in fulfillment of an American crafted New World Order based on protected human dignity.

The central point of contention in McCain’s globalist apologia is that current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has, at the order of the President, down-graded American foreign policy to that which directly affects our national security, just as our Founders wished it to be.

McCain is in fits that America is untethering itself from defending the global imperative of human rights. Committing oneself to the defense of human rights has and will continue to require unrelenting military deployments paid for by American taxes and American blood, even though the suffering of, say, females in Explodistan has no bearing on the DIRECT safety of Americans.

Tillerson is the first Secretary of State in generations to approach foreign affairs through the prism of our Constitution’s original intention and it is driving McCain nuts. Kudos to him and the President for dispensing with the globalist wish list.