Rogue Obama Official May Soon Face Justice


Remember Lois Lerner — Obama’s IRS Director that targeted Tea Party groups with audit and even refused to grant their tax exempt statuses? Well, she just got some very bad news…

The House Ways and Means Committee, Breitbart reports, has sent the Department of Justice a lengthy and detailed report concerning the misdeeds and abuse of power committed by former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner.

Once again, like the malfeasance of Susan Rice, an Obama official has been caught politicizing her office in an effort to sabotage political opponents. For all the hatred put forth by the Left on Nixon, it seems they have adopted the very tactics they crusaded against.

Breitbart reports that Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX), along with Tax Police Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam (R-IL) delivered a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions calling for an investigation into Lerner’s misuse of power in her campaign of targeting “American citizens’ applications for non-profit status, or political action committees, based upon the citizen’s political beliefs.”

A similar request was submitted to the Obama DOJ, but if the motion was delivered in the faith of an objective review by the Attorney General then, it was a quixotic gesture.

Lerner was called before Congress in 2013 to defend and explain her actions. With the indignation of a member of royalty, Lerner defied Congressional inquiries and was subsequently slapped with contempt…and nothing else.

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Brady and Roskam, as well as many Americans, are hoping for a different outcome under the Trump administration. Lerner cannot be allowed to get away with what she did.

Do you think Lerner should be made to re-testify?