Rumours That Hillary Is About To Step Down!

There have been reports that Hillary Clinton will have dropped out of the race to be president by the end of the week after her 33,000 deleted emails were released by Anonymous.

According to a post on 4chan, a user-generated image board website, Hillary was warned by her superiors that she must now drop out of the race following the simultaneous threat of new leaks by Anonymous, Wikileaks, and Project Veritas.

4chan-hillary-step-down-768x153 reports:

With the threat of a massive blockbuster by Wikileaks and Project Veritas coming this week, get your popcorn ready! Now, Hillary could change her mind, or this could be a hoax also, but if you look at the following messages and the dates and put one and one together, you get some crazy stuff.

4chan2-768x431 4chan-768x426

This is amazing stuff, can you believe it?

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