Disturbing new reports have been coming in over the past few days that members of the GOP establishment are trying to figure out how they can best get rid of Donald Trump so that Mike Pence can take over as president. On Wednesday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh fired back against anyone calling for Trump’s impeachment by pointing out that the president has committed no crime, except for challenging the GOP establishment.

“At this very moment, nobody can detail for any of us a single crime Trump has committed, other than winning an election that he was supposed to lose in a landslide, unseating the ‘popular’ Hillary Clinton, whose turn it was, and who openly, in his inaugural address, threatened the Washington establishment and told them their days were over,” Limbaugh said, according to Western Journalism.

He went on to slam the mainstream media for spreading hysteria about Trump’s alleged efforts to shut down various FBI investigations, from the FBI probe into Trump’s alleged Russian connections to the investigation into ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“They’re trying to say that Trump was trying to shut down the investigation. How did that work? I think every investigation under the sun is still going on, isn’t it? With no evidence!” Limbaugh said.

The radio host explained that there is a suspicious gap between Tuesday’s release of a memo Comey allegedly wrote that claims Trump asked him about  “letting Flynn go” and the actual Feb. 14 date of the conversation between Trump and Comey.

“If Trump was trying to subvert an investigation and shut it down, shouldn’t the FBI director have said something that very next day?” Limbaugh said. “Shouldn’t Comey have gone public as only he could do with a massive press conference and resign in great fervor over the idea that this pig had attempted to violate the Constitution and stop his investigation?”

He pointed out that the Washington establishment took Trump’s inaugural address as a declaration of war, and that everything that has happened to Trump since should be examined in that context.

“The establishment was never going to roll over for some outsider with orange hair who they consider piggish,” he said. “What all this still boils down to is the establishment closing ranks and getting rid of the outsider.”

“He declared war. Do you remember this, folks? Do you remember looking at the stone faces behind Trump as he gave this speech? Do you remember stolen glances of contempt?” Limbaugh said. “This effort, this plan, this desire to upend and stop the Trump presidency got going probably on Election Night and certainly within 24 hours. And now we’re seeing it manifest itself. And we’ve been watching it for the last months.”

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