Sean Hannity LOSES IT – Unloads On Never Trumpers In EPIC Rant

Fox News host Sean Hannity has had enough of conservatives saying they won’t be voting for Donald Trump.

According to IJ Review, Hannity lost it during a radio show on Wednesday, saying he is “pissed” at Never Trumpers. Here’s what he had to say:

“In 13 freaking days, we are either going to make a decision to keep screwing the country up or we are going to try and fix it. That’s what’s at stake here.

You want to get 95 million Americans back to work, you want to get the economy going, you want a president that has the courage to say ‘radical Islam.’

You want to not bring in refugees from countries that have laws that are the antithesis of our constitutional values.

You want to control the borders, you want become energy independent, you want to eliminate Obamacare, you want to fix are dilapidated piece of crap educational system, this is your chance.”

And he didn’t stop there!

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