Secret Details Leak About Malia Obama’s Life

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Back in 2015, the Obama family raised eyebrows when they allowed their then-16 year-old daughter Malia to intern on the set of the X-rated HBO television show Girls. Now, the show’s star and creator Lena Dunham has spoken out to reveal exclusive details about Malia’s time on the set of the inappropriate show.

“She’s an angel,” Dunham said of Malia, once again showing how biased Hollywood is in favor of the Obamas. She was then asked how Malia became an intern on the show.

“She was interested and she was interning at HBO and they thought what if she comes a couple days a week to the set of girls,” Dunham replied, according to Daily Mail.

Jenni Konner, the executive producer of the show, explained that since Malia was underage at the time, they could not do any graphic sex scenes around her.

“We couldn’t do graphic sex scenes around her,” Konner said, going on to praise Malia. “She is such a delight and you cannot believe how poised and incredible she is.”

The producer went on to discuss what specifically Malia did on set.

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“We were sort of training her to be like what our writer’s assistant did,” explained Konner. “There was a job where you sort of sit on the set, and we do a lot of improv so you take down the improv so we can get it in the next shots. We had one of our people who did that train her to do that.”

Of course, the interview devolved into an Obama lovefest as Dunham praised the former first family.

“She’s done such a good job though and he parents have done such a good job,” said Dunham. “They’re such a, when you see that family together they’re not performative. Like so many public families, even families of movie stars, are always performing their bond, and that family you can just tell they love each other and respect each other and have appropriate family reactions.”

Something tells us that if Tiffany Trump tried to get a job on the set of Girls or any other television show, she’d be turned down immediately…

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