See How You Can Identify Fake Rice From China Made of Plastic Being Sold Here

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It is amazing how much agricultural trade occurs in the world on a daily basis. Staple and exotic foods are brought in and out of the country on an hourly basis.

However problems can occur when governmental authorities become slack when it comes to regulations and standards for food safety and standards.

There has been rising cases of fake food being sold by China. This has been seen in items like baby food, pet food and canned foods.

Some sources are reporting that Chinese produced rice may contain harmful fillers and additives including plastics like melamine. It has been posited that some Chinese rice may be nothing more than potato starch and shredded plastic, flavored with rice steam. In fact, some even claim that a handful of the tainted fake rice may contain as much plastic as a ziplock sandwich bag.

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One sure way to protect your family is to only buy domestically produced rice. Did you know that the state of Arkansas is the largest producer of rice in the United States. Arkansas provides 45% of all the rice we eat.

One way to test if you have real rice or not is by grinding up the grains in a mortar and pestle. If the fine powder is natural it will have a snow white color, otherwise it will have a yellowish color.

Natural rice does not burn, but fake rice does, so this is another test you can run.

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