Fossilized Republican traitor Senator John McCain has made a career of endearing himself to the Left and the Establishment by inverting the social justice warrior creed of speaking truth to power, instead using his power to further the lies of the liberal agenda.

The Washington Examiner reports that McCain has assumed the role of wandering minstrel for the Left and has told a gathering of the globally elite International Republican Institute (IRI) that the President has committed crimes in breadth and scope to that of Watergate.

A week ago, the President fired incompetent boob FBI Director James Comey. On May 15, the Washington Post reported the fake news story that Trump was freely disclosing classified secrets to the Russians and a day later a report surfaced that Trump had pressured Comey to stop his investigation of General Michael Flynn.

These claims are false narratives or, at best, unproven allegations. That is enough to get McCain, however, to publicly deride and impugn the character of the President of the United States.

McCain is a decrepit narcissist who truly believes he is the indispensable “maverick” on Capitol Hill and that the universe of political scheming revolves around him, a McCain-centric constellation where he is a destructive black hole destroying all others just to feed his ego.