Sessions Just Gave Liberals Some Very Very Bad News


Throughout his administration, the Department of Justice became Obama’s principal tool of social engineering. Under the aegis of first Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch, both equally unscrupulous, the liberal agenda of reverse racism was installed and perpetuated.

That is until Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, took the helm after a blistering nomination process.

Breitbart writes that undoing the damage inflicted by Obama, especially during his last two years, has become the focus of Sessions and his department.

At the top of the list is immigration. Sessions has moved quickly to return broader powers to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, he has threatened to pull funding from ‘sanctuary cities’, he has expanded what type of illegal aliens are considered dangerous, and he has been granted a stunning 15,000 agents that will be hired soon.

Sessions is also reversing Obama’s tendency to promote shorter or annulled prison time for drug offenders, something that is causing Leftists to gag on the spoon fed pyscho-babble they consume daily through the ‘deprisonization’ movement.


“Mass incarceration is not contributing to mass crime declines, but it doesn’t appear Jeff Sessions knows that,” whined Inimai Chettiar, director of the Justice Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.

Did you get that? So, by the logic of Chettiar, if Sessions removes thousands of criminals and deports thousands more illegal aliens, the crime rate stays the same…. this must be that New Math everyone talks about.

If mass incarceration does not work, then why did the Obama administration go out of its way to hide the growing crime rate numbers resulting from his deprisonization policies?

Something cannot be false if it’s exact opposite is true. I guess Chettiar doesn’t know that.