Shocking: Outrageous Video of Obama Doing This Deplorable Thing To A Female Reporter!

There is bit of a difference between the scandals that have been exposed on Donald Trump and those that have been exposed when it comes to Hillary and Obama.

The worst thing they exposed about Trump was some crass words during a private conversation. When it comes to Hillary and Obama, their scandals involve actions and not words.

This video has gone viral after being released on the Facebook page of Milo Yiannopoulos. Nobody has questioned its authenticity.

It comes from the 2008 campaign of Obama and he can be seen on his plane with female reporters and staff.

It shows him with an erection, gyrating his hips and showing his private area to the reporters.

Trump Drops Criminal Bombshell On The Clintons, THIS Can And Will Put Them In Jail

Beware; it is a graphic video…