Shocking: Police Say That Anti-Trump Supporter Punched An Officer Right In The Face In San Diego

It was during protests this week in San Diego against Donald Trump that an arrest was made on an unidentified 18 year old male who is alleged to have punched a police officer in the face.

The protest involved “several hundred people” in downtown San Diego.

According to local ABC News affiliate 10 News, the protesters were largely “students from Lincoln and San Diego high schools in the San Diego Unified School District and San Diego City College.”

During the protest, officers detained a juvenile for refusing to obey “a lawful order” from one of the traffic officers. As they held him, the ground chanted “let him go” and another protester allegedly punched a police officer in the face. 10 News indicate that police report the male “was subsequently arrested for his actions and is being booked for battery on a police officer.”

Various protesters could be heard yelling “F*ck you bastards” and “F*ck you!” at the police during the protest. Then the whole crowd of protesters then began chanting, “Hands up, Don’t shoot!”

Videos of the protest were put on Facebook;

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