Shocking Story About Teens Who Text When Driving Told By Angry Truck Driver

This truck driver was going about his usual daily business when an irresponsible teenager managed to change his life forever more. You need to hear this man’s message.

James Urbanski was taking his normal work route when his life was nearly taken form him by an irresponsible driver. It was such a sobering incident that he had to post about it on Facebook.

He shared, “I’m normally not a guy that likes to make a video of himself, but this is important..”


Horrified at the wreck he witnessed before his very eyes, Urbanski continued, “All you people I see going down the interstate on your phone; barely looking up; almost hitting the back of people; sitting at stoplights not knowing when the light turns green — LISTEN UP…”

If you are a driver, you need to hear what he has to say:

If this doesn’t persuade you to put your phone down when driving, then nothing will.

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